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Good Morning!

Charles Blair “The Mad Scientist” is coming to town and you have a front row seat,

And this will be a TRUE all content event.

So Leave Your Credit Card At Home.

And, imagine for a moment what you could do with an immediate windfall of MORE in your LIFE. More Time, More Success, More Money.  Well that my friend is what Real Estate Investing Mastermind Group-Lancaster (REIMG) intends on doing for you, in 2016 and beyond!

JOIN US THURSDAY JULY 14, 2016 (all the details are below)


 Are You Ready To Learn How To Turn Clicks Into Cash Flow?.

Forget About All the Fluff, the BS, the Pitching,
the Magic Red Pill, Get Rich Quick in 30 Days Madness


You see, this month’s New REIMG Monthly General Meeting is All About GETTING & HAVING MORE

MORE Sellers, MORE Buyers, and MORE Rental leads…

IT will be like no other event you’ve ever attended. And it was designed from its conception to be that way.

Let Me Explain,

My friend and special guest, Charles Blair aka “The Mad Scientist” is a successful real estate investor with over 28+ years of experience and hundreds of real estate deals under his belt.  Over the years he’s had the opportunity to work with, educate, and help a large number of people realize their dreams of success and help them make a HELL of a lot of MONEY…

So much so, that his client list is a virtual who’s-who of the real estate investing community, business owners, and entrepreneurs, all around the country, who routinely fly him into their hometown, to pick his brain – just like we are.

Needless to say, he knows his Stuff.

Look, Charles didn’t have the best start in life. He grew up in the projects of East Baltimore, dropped out of school in the 9th grade and worked one dead end job after another. But, over the years, he’s had the opportunity to attend a boat load of seminars, and a few of which, he gives credit to for shaping the foundation of his success.

What he found along the way was the OVERWHELMING majority of workshops were nothing more than slick sales pitches, to sell OUT dated, OVER priced programs and coaching, that cost as much as $25,000 – $45,000. The worst part of all, when the pulled back the curtain, was to reveal that so called real estate grand wizard, you were suck with was a $10/hr “coach”,
reading a script from a call center in Utah!

This Is A 100% FREE – All CONTENT – EVENT…

When you attend the REIMG Lancaster meeting this week, on July 14 at the Sebastian Academic Center – Lancaster Bible College, 901 Eden Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601 – the minute you walk through the door and take your seat, you’ll know you’ve entered a NO BS, NO FLUFF ALLOWED zone, where

Charles Blair “The Mad Scientist” will provide you with a blueprint for your real estate investing success in 2016 and beyond.

Don’t Waste Another Minute CLICK HERE To Reserve Your Seat

As a matter of fact, you’re FORBIDDEN to us the word GURU at this event, Charles Blair “The Mad Scientist” is a DURU. Someone who actually DOES what he teaches, He’s a full time real estate investor WITH OVER 28 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE and proud of it…

Here’s A Short List Of What You’ll Learn

  • The TOP 5 things you can do TODAY, that will generate 80% of your online revenue tomorrow to get more buyer, sellers, and rental leads today.
  • Learn the 2 Magic Words that will allow you to never worry about cold calling a prospect ever again. As a matter of fact, this one here has generated two closed deals for us in the last 30 days alone.
  • How to turn your website into a lean, mean, lead-building machine in just three simple steps, so easy, that Homer Simpson can do it.
  • The right way to setup a Facebook business page – and why not having one will significantly decrease your ability to get leads online
  • How to use Facebook ads to get buyers, sellers, renters and private lender leads for LESS than 10 cents a lead.
  • How to legally spy on your top competition and see exactly what they are doing online to get leads and how
  • How the top real estate professionals are getting an unlimited amount of TARGETED leads from Craigslist
  • Learn the TOP 2 search engines matter most and which ones you shouldn’t even bother with when it comes to getting leads for your business.
  • Learn how to LEAGALLY steal TARGETED leads from Facebook, and get this, Facebook is willing to help you do it…
  • How to setup, run and systematize your real estate business like a pro, without breaking the bank or buying a bunch of tools and programs you don’t need.
  • A simple 3 Step System, that will give your business an A-1 rating, and have buyers, renters, and sellers, kicking in your door, to do business with you, while ignoring your competition.
  • How to create, professionally designed squeeze and landing pages yourself. WITHOUT any technical skills or need to hire a costly web designer

Click Here To Reserve Your FREE Seat NOW!

If you like all the fluff, B.S. & the magic red pill madness then this event surely will not be for you, or…

On the other hand, if you are convinced that between now and the end of 2016 you can with the right REAL EDUCATION, REAL INFORMATION, and REAL SYSTEMS build the foundation for an abundance of MORE in your life, then this EVENT is for YOU – So…

Who Should Attend?

Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, Contractors

Title Companies, Business Owners, Property Managers. “Realpreneurs”

You can do nothing and continue to reap the exact same results you’re getting right now, or you can join me and other-like minded professionals to grab an abundance of MORE in your LIFE!

Until the Next Time,

Here is to You Getting MORE in 2016…

About Charles Blair:

Charles Blair, “The Mad Scientist”, is a published author, national speaker, consultant, Full time real estate investor of 28 + years and Founder of the 3rd largest Real Estate Investing Meetup in the nation, The Real Deal Meetup.

Charles is widely considered as one of the nation’s top offline and internet marketing experts. His insight and ability to apply cutting edge marketing strategies, client attraction techniques, and lead generation, has made him a highly sought after consultant and speaker. His skills are exhibited at internet, social marketing, and real estate investing seminars across the country.


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