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Lancaster Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing is simple, but not always easy.  There are risks involved, but they are not unmanageable.  Setting yourself up for success is very important and that’s what we’re going to cover this month at REIMG Lancaster!


•  Business Entity Structuring – Protect your Assets with the right structure for your business focus

•  Title Insurance – Understanding what to look out for

•  Hazard Insurance – What types you need and why

•  LEAD – What’s going on in the local regulatory agencies that you need to be aware of!

Guest speakers

Rick Hecker – Clymer Conrad, PC will discuss how to set up your business correctly and what to look out for that many guru’s mistakenly lead you down the wrong path!

Jeff Mohler – Clymer Conrad, PC returns to discuss the importance of title insurance, what it means, where the pitfalls are, are how important it is to your investment strategy.

Cinthia Kettering – The Bagnall Shaw Group and her associates will review the different types of property insurance, which ones to use for which type of investment strategy and why it’s not the same for each type!

Chad Gallagher – The Slatehouse Group will share the extensive research they’ve done on the Lead paint programs brewing locally.    **Joining Chad is Emily Eddowes from the Lancaster city public health office.**  She’s heading up the lead paint program for the city.  Together they will discuss the program and the counter proposal to the city from investor Gary Neff and other local landlords.

This is a meeting you don’t want to miss!!!

Remember, the meeting is no longer being held at Lancaster Bible College.  We will be meeting at the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage office located at 1000 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603.

See you on April 20th to learn how to Cover Your Assets!

Chuck Sierk

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