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Huge Announcement

If you missed the Thursday 2/16/17 Meeting, you missed out on the joint announcement from Chuck Sierk (organizer of REIMG Lancaster), Chad Gallagher/Nate Jones (organizers of Lebanon County REI), and Judah Hoover (organizer of LIMG Harrisburg). The 3 of us have joined together with the York and Berks County groups to support a collaborative Facebook group for our members: Central PA Real Estate Investors.


Here’s the scoop, the group gives us all the chance to stay connected between our face-to-face networking opportunities! Speed is important in this business, and having 5, count them 5 … local meet up groups’ members ready and willing to help answer your questions or provide referrals and recommendations at your fingertips is a HUGE deal!

Central PA Real Estate Investors FB Group requires membership in one of the following MeetUp groups:

I hoped to be able to add all the members of REIMG Lancaster to the Facebook Group directly, but I haven’t figured out the secret recipe to do that. Don’t let me be the roadblock! Follow this link, and request access to the group and one of the Meet Up organizers will give you access.

Rules and Guidelines of Central PA Real Estate Investors FB Group:

  • No posting of deals, vacancies, or personal advertisements
  • Focus needs to be asking questions and offering help
  • No politics, or religion, unless it directly applies on a local level to a very current issue
  • Funny real estate memes welcomed!
  • No bashing, trashing, or badmouthing clubs or individual¬†people (you will get banned!)


Can’t wait to Get Social and stay connected in the FB Group, see you there!

All the best,

Chuck Sierk

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