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How many projects or plans do you have unfinished in your Real Estate Investing business?  Sometimes it’s overwhelming how much there seems to do and it can be difficult to stop working on or in your business because things just need to get done.  Have you thought to yourself, “It’s not good enough, I’m not finished yet…” ?

You’re self-sabotaging yourself by holding yourself to a level of perfection that’s just not required.  Enter in the saying “Massive Imperfect Action!”  I’m not naive that completing a task requires to go through all the steps required… Complete and Perfect are two different things!  One approach that helped me get my business unstuck was implementing the mindset of


When you’re working through a project, be it marketing, business setup, sales, rehab construction, listing a property, etc. you need to focus on getting the job done, and not perfect.  By implementing this way of working, I get more done and am able to adjust as I implement, but by waiting to implement, I am missing out on opportunities.  If I don’t like it, I can learn from what I implement and course correct, or “Fall Forward” to improve what I do.

The key in this approach is creating momentum in your business and in your mind!  When you create momentum, strangely enough more things happen.  You talk to more sellers, you build more relationships, because your business is moving forward.

Next time you feel stuck, check to see if you’re holding out for perfection when in fact, Done would be Just Perfect!

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